www.kennelupdogs.com - K9 Kennels is a Dog breeding Kennel located in Alberta, Canada. Breeders of Cockapoo, Maltipoo plus Morkie and Yorkshire Terriers. Breeder and trainer of Border Collie. Stock Dog Trainer for all dogs. Dog training Lessons, Clinics available. Located in Westerose, Alberta, Canada. We do ship our pups. Livestock Guardian adults and pups for sale. Maremma livestock guardian dog.
Russ and Eve Finlay, Westerose, Alberta, Canada. Cell (call or text): 780.898.3839
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Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you are considering adding a dog to your family.
We'd love to hear from you, and will answer any questions you might have.
Whether it be one of our dogs, or from another breeder, we'd like to see you have a lifetime of enjoyment with your new pet.
Russ and Eve

Russ & Eve Finlay   Westerose,   Alberta,   Canada     780 - 898-3839      


As of November 2008 we will NO LONGER BE DOCKING TAILS on any of our pups.

Tail docking is purely a cosmetic decision and though done in the past, we have always felt that it was not necessary for the breed. There is a growing movement in the dog world to get away from unnecessary surgical proceedures in animals - in some countries it is now against the law.
Russ and I here at K9 Kennels, with the pups well being in mind will no longer be docking tails.
We thank You for your support!

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We recommend that you spay or neuter your puppy at approximately 5 or 6 months of age.

We have found that the optimum age for a puppy to leave it's littermates and go to your home, is at 7 weeks of age. (Depending on the individual litter)
We will however hold on to a pup till 8 weeks at no further cost,
BUT, if you choose to leave your pup here longer than that, there will be a $10.00 per day charge, so, a pup left here till it is 9 weeks of age, will have an additional $70.00 fee.

Delivery to Edmonton or Red Deer There will be a $75.00 fee for delivery to either Edmonton, Red Deer or surrounding area. This is due to the travel time, gas - and basically we lose a half of a days work.

SHIPPING We do ship at 8 weeks of age - price is: pup, plus kennel, plus shipping. There will be a $150.00 minimum charge for kennel purchase and trip to and from the airport.
We have shipped pups all over Canada and into the US. without any problems whatsoever. All pups have arrived clean, healthy, and excited to meet their new families. Most major airlines ship animals.
I do however reserve the right to decide NOT to ship a pup for whatever reason. Certain breeds do better with shipping and can handle the travel better than others.
I am willing to travel with your puppy to your airport at your expense. Pups that travel along with a passenger fly at a much cheaper cost - approx. $50.00. versus apprximately $200 or more to ship a pup alone.

When all our pups are in the puppy room - from birth until they go to your home, their little lives revolve around eating time, sleeping time and playing time. The older they get, the more socialization - play time with each other and myself they get.

Looking after the pups is a full time, morning till night job for me - a very rewarding, but sometimes exhausting job. Like human babies, each step in their development is as important as the other - a good well socialized dog just doesn't happen - it is made. From about 3 weeks on, I not only pick up the pups - that happened starting two weeks of age, I turn them over on their backs and hold them until they stop wriggling and start to relax. They relax, when they feel safe. I rub their tummies, play with their feet, put my fingers in their mouths - it's all a part of socialization.
When they are five weeks old and until they go to your home, I sit on the floor with them each day and have my real puppy fix - they will come to see me - sniff, climb, crawl up on, start to chew - and tear around the floor with each other. I usually have my clipboard and a pen handy, and of course the ever present paper towels, and I write down any traits I notice from each puppy.

I also at this stage - usually around 5 and a half weeks clip their nails and trim any fur around their eyes and bum, noting how each pup handles it's first grooming. The latter helps keep them clean, as momma's milk tends to make a really soft stool.

They have three scheduled quiet times when they are all played out and ready to nap - if you come to see them, you will notice how they all play really hard, then all of a sudden, everyone is sleeping. All that play tires them out - just like a human baby.

During their quiet nap times and when I put them to bed for the last time at night, I have a CD player in their room, and I play soft music for them to relax and go to sleep to. Any nice calm music will do - music calms animals as well as humans and is just plain good for us!

K9 Kennels, Russ and Eve Finlay K9 Kennels, Russ and Eve Finlay
This is one of our whelping rooms - where the moms have their babies,
and stay with them until they are ready to go to your homes.
K9 Kennels, Russ and Eve Finlay
This is one of the newer whelping rooms
We will have all the rooms finished soon!

Puppy milestones:

Here is a quick overview of the developmental milestones in your puppy’s life.

Pups are born blind with their eyelids sealed shut. By the time they are 2 weeks old, the eyelids are open and the puppy begins developing his vision.
Pups are also born deaf with sealed ear canals. By the age of 17 days, the ear canals are open and the pups begins to hear. By 25 days of age, puppies respond to sights and sounds.

Puppies are unable to voluntarily eliminate urine and feces, and their mother must lick the genital area, stimulating elimination. By 23 days of age, the pups are able to eliminate without help.

Puppies start out life squirming and ‘swimming’ across the floor. By 16 days of age, pups begin the rudimentary first steps of walking.

Pups start to taste and then eat solid food at around 4 weeks of age. This is when I start putting down some softened puppy chow. Just recently I was supplementing my new moms food with a canned food I purchased at Costco called Lean Cuts, which is made with fresh beef steaks and roasts. The dogs abslutely love it, and more importantly the list of ingredients are awesome. "Fresh Ground Lean Red Beef Roast and Steak Meat, Fresh Beef Liver and Kidney, Carrots, Vegetable gums (which act as a binder to keep the product together) Calcium, Vitamin and Mineral supplements and water sufficient for processing". That's it. No cereals, grains, starches or artificial color or salt added.
Since my moms loved it so much, I have started all my pups on this so they are getting a really good start to eating solid food and it's putting weight on them at a time when they really need to build up their body mass in a nutritional way.

By the time they go home they will be onto puppy chow - but I am thinking with the smaller breeds - the yorkie crosses for example, I might just add some of the Lean Cuts to their puppy chow to keep that growth coming.
Lean Cuts Dog food from Costco   Lean Cuts Dog food from Costco


Please Fill out the form and EMAIL to us. I will get back to you within the week.
If approved for a puppy, we ask that you are ready with your deposit of $500. so that you can get your placing secured.

Deposits are NON-Refundable but are good for any litter, indefinitely. If you put a pre-deposit down on an uncomfirmed litter - for example, you just want to get first pick on the next available litter of Morkies, that deposit is good forever, until you get the dog you desire.

I cannot guarantee time frames before a litter is born. So, if you are placing a deposit on a future litter, you are agreeing that it is at some point in the future - not any specific month.

If a non shedding dog is high on your list, pretty much any of the pups we produce will fill that bill - the Maltipoo, Morkie, Cockapoo or Yorkipoo.

We will not hold pups without a deposit.
For your convenience, deposits and full payments can be made right from your computer using an e-transfer from your on-line banking site to us! No need to exchange banking information - it's totally secure, just as if you were paying your gas bill online.
PayPal is available - please contact me before making a payment!
Please note, that pups do sell quickly - we have no way of knowing if one day we get 2 requests or 10 for any particular litter. Your deposit is what secures you your puppy. Once I let you know that we have a litter born, or are accepting deposits, make that decision and send your deposit as fast as possible. I will go through those who have contacted me first to last. Not everyone will still be looking for a pup, so I may have 10 emails, but only 4 people are still waiting for a puppy.

K9 Kennels Puppy Application Form

What happens if I put in my deposit, and there isn't a pup I want in that litter once they are born?

Deposits come in and are registered on a first come first pick basis, and are non refundable.
If you do not find what you are hoping for in that particular litter, we will hold your deposit until you find just the right pup for you.
Keep watching our website for updates on expected litters, and keep in touch and let us know what litter you are interested in.
From the moment you let us know you are interested in a particular litter, that is the placing you get in the pick - you do not get bumped to the front of the list.

There may be others who have already put deposits on that litter.
Since not every pup is suitable for every family and we strive to find the best fit for all circumstances, we the breeders make the final decision as to who gets what puppy. We do try to give each buyer the sex and temperament of dog they desire, but a color preference is not something we can guarantee. There are always 'special needs' that will be considered.

Kennel News!

February 13, 2018

Welcome 2018!

Puppy wise, I am sold out of pups, unless you are considering a Red and White Border collie. I hope to have something available in the spring. It doesn't look like Daisy was successfully bred, so any Cockapoos probably won't happen now till summer.


All breeds are priced between $1000. and $1500. with a $500. e-transfer deposit or PayPal to secure.

As usual, they all come with their vet check up and first shots plus deworming.

I am always on the lookout for newspapers for under the pups - so if you have a regular delivery to your home and are coming to pick up your puppy, don't hesitate to bring me a bag full of papers!


EMAIL: dogs@kennelupdogs.com or Eve at 780-898-3839!

We've been doing this for over 16 years now and there are still things I am learning about the care and well being of dogs - how they think, and how they interact with both humans and other dogs.
I do like having a variety of breeds here because I then get first hand knowledge and experience with each breed we have.
So - don't always believe everything you read in books or hear from someone who has a dog, once had a dog, or had a book with pictures of dogs in it. ... in my opinion, some wouldn't recognize true animal behaviour if it was humping them on the leg... so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

THAT behaviour by the way, is dominant behaviour. An 'I own you' behaviour - same as if your dog peed on your leg or shoe. It's telling you in no uncertain terms, who is the boss. Do NOT allow it!

When you come out to meet and choose your puppy - at around 6 weeks of age, you're going to see an energetic little pup who will be a bit cautious when first meeting you, but will soon warm up to you as you sit on the floor (down to their level), and hold and cuddle him or her.
At this age, some will follow you around and try to initiate play, but some will not. Not all pups develop at the same speed (much like children), and confidence in some comes quicker and more easily than in others.
It doesn't mean there is something wrong with the puppy - it's just not there yet.

Certain behaviours or characteristics we notice in some pups early on - the first to leave the litter and investigate the outside surroundings of it's pen. The first to grab hold of a toy and play with it. Though that puppy shows confidence earlier on than its littermates, Always keep in mind, that the others WILL catch up. Watch the pups at play for awhile and you will see the differences in their personalities.
If you'd rather one with a little more laid back personality, choose the one that exibits that behaviour.

ALL of our puppies are vet checked and we guarantee you a healthy, happy, well socialized pup. Remember, word of mouth is our best advertising, and we are in this for the long haul.

Take care     Eve

Take a drive to the country and come visit Battle Lake Community Baptist Church!
Our congregation is small - just 20 on average, but Lord willing, growing. If you want to find a church where you can make a difference and where it can make a difference in you and your family... come try Battle Lake Community Baptist Church Service 11:00!

picnic in the snow
On the nice winter days, the dogs get fed outside.

Some of the more upper classed (better bred? ha!) dogs prefer to eat up on the picnic table.

picnic in the snow
This gives you a better idea of the size of yard the dogs all get to run in every day.

We are NOT, kennel dogs! : )

Check Here to see if you are on the Deposit list!


No Available pups at this time.

This video is for my Maltepoo buyers to get a bit of a glimpse of their puppies at 6 weeks of age. Momma Penny is into the weaning stage - she was not too interested in the kids when I was filming it.


Use ANY of the PayPal links to make your deposit. Please CONFIRM with me before you use PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a PayPal deposit. Just click on the link and follow the easy instructions.

Breed of puppy

Buyers Please Read!
When I have a date for puppy visits - usually after the 5 weeks of age stage, please understand that this date is just a suggested time to come out and meet your puppy.
NOT all pups are ready for visitors at 5 weeks. Some litters take a bit longer in their development, so with them 6 weeks of age is more comfortable for the pup.

Please keep in mind, that I look out for the best interests of the pups. Their health and their emotional development are more important to me, than your convenience.
Every breeder has their own way of doing things - some allow folks to come out when their pup is 2 weeks of age, to hold and visit. I do not. They are very fragile babies at that stage and very susceptable to germs and illness.
(Some breeders have completely stopped having folks out to their place of business for this reason)
Understand that I am not trying to keep you from your baby - I am protecting that baby and his or her littermates, and their momma. Those things are my priority. So, if I have to change a date when you can come out to meet or choose your puppy, trust in that it is in the best interests of the pup.   Eve

Please Bring CASH, or e-transfer your final payment Before you come to pick up. PayPal only by approval. (they do take a sizeable amount for a service fee, and it takes a full week to get into our bank account. If using Paypal and your credit card, please add $50.00)

No cheques please - we live 45 minutes from our bank. We lose half a days work, to take your cheque into the bank. Since it is a personal cheque, they may decide to put a hold on it so therefore we have to wait 7 days for it to be in our account. So, please, NO CHEQUES on pick up. There is an ATM at the Co-Op on hwy 13, and another at the gas station at the Village of Pigeon Lake, though that one is very unreliable. E-Transfer is most welcome!

When buying ANY puppy, please take note:

Most all pups will nip during play with both adults and children. It is how they first start playing with their siblings in the litter. It is natural for them to try this behaviour on you when you get your puppy home.
This will most likely be the first thing you will start with your training. An immediate firm sounding verbal - NO, or Haaaay (which is what we use), or STOP. Then, if it persists, you physically correct. You give the verbal sound, then a sharp poke by the shoulderblades, or even just grab the muzzle and give it a shake or a squeeze, but you MUST do something! Remember - correct, then forgive and forget. Pups understand physical correction - that is how their mother reprimands when they misbehave. If you are too soft, the puppy will think that you are playing a new game, not take you seriously and you will end up with a nippy puppy that no one likes to be around.

This is true of all pups. The puppies we have here have already been started on human socialization. They get corrected when they nip or jump up. They already know who the pack leaders are in this household. It's up to you to transfer that leadership, from us to you - and any member of your family, be it young or old.
We are here for any questions you might have, and to help you with this if you need it.

Upcoming Litters

I am hoping to start breeding for Cockapoos again January 10th. 2018.

People ask why the difference in price in the different breeds. Just like anything. The more rare a breed, the higher the cost.
All Breeders have their own methods and criteria for deciding on a price.

I am finding the longer I am in this business, that most often you get what you pay for. So purchasing dogs/pups for breeding is costly.
Whenever possible, I try to get purebred (papered) breeding stock. Sometimes, especially since I cross breed my dogs, that is just not possible because the purebred dog industry highly frowns on anyone who cross breeds their dogs.
Funny thing is, a very good many of the registered dog breeds today, came from combining of one or more different breeds. And - the Cockapoo is now a registered breed. Go figure.

Breeding dogs is a full time job for me. It is 7 days a week with no days off. Dogs need to be fed and cared for every day. If you are a pet owner, you understand how complicated it can be to find a good dog sitter or good kennel to place your beloved pets in when you go on holiday. So holidays for me, with 15 or so dogs, some at various stages in their pregnancies, some with babies...are almost impossible. I would find it hard to find someone as competent and caring as I, to intrust my dogs in their care.
Russ and I can sometimes get away together overnight for a night or two if our daughter has some days off that we can co-ordinate. Even then, I worry. Though I love having a day or two off, I do get 'antsy' when I don't have hands on contact with my dogs. I need to see for myself all is ok and done as I like it to be done. (I suppose that's part of my Virgo personality - kind of a control freak). Normally though, we just opt for seperate breaks - I go see my sisters in Ontario, and he goes fishing or camping with the guys, and we switch off on each others chores.

This all is taken into account when I price my pups.

Some breeders sell females at a higher price than males, some sell individual pups in a litter at a higher price due to their color or markings... everyone has their own way of doing things. And you know - it's all good.
You just find a breeder who you are comfortable with and who sells their pups at a price you are comfortable with paying. It's that simple.

Deposit to hold a puppy is $500.00 which can be made by e-transfer right from your bank account through on-line banking, or by PayPal and your credit card. Please Confirm with me before you use PayPal.
Please contact me before making any payments!

Use ANY of the PayPal links to make your deposit. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a PayPal deposit. Just click on the link and follow the easy instructions. Again, if using PayPal for your final payment, please add $50.00 to cover their fee.

Breed of puppy
Adult dogs for sale:

Generally, our breeding dogs are here for their life. On occasion we do have a past buyer who needs to rehome their dog and we do help with that, but unless we have a dog who just doesn't work out for breeding here, the adults we have as our breeding dogs, stay here for their life.
None of our dogs go to shelters or rescue associations when they are finished breeding.

What some of our buyers have to say:
(check out our buyer feedback page for more with pictures!)

Hi Eve and Russ!

We thought you deserved an update on our sweetheart Dixie! Since we brought her home, there is never a dull moment in the McKay household! She was comfortable here the moment we brought her home, she slept through the night her very first night here and has done so ever since. Dixie does not like eliminating indoors, and has been a breeze to get outside for bathroom breaks. She has had no problem with the diet change, you could set a watch to her "elimination" breaks!

Dixie is SUPER playful when she is awake, and very cuddly when she is sleepy. She loves to fetch her ball, and will do so for hours! Being outside running in the grass is her absolute favorite, along with attacking dandelions.

She has had her second set of shots and her nails clipped, and she was the best behaved puppy at the vet! She is very healthy and growing like a weed! Those long legs of hers have sprouted, and she weighs more than 6lbs now!

I have attached a few pictures of her recently, you can really see the apricot color coming in, getting darker by the day!

She is an awesome puppy, loves everybody, and is everything we hoped for and more!

Thanks Eve and Russ!

Hi Eve,
Thought I would send an update on our wonderful Schnoodle,Cooper. He has grown so much since we got him and is getting to his adult height we think. He stands 13 inches tall @ shoulders and weighs 15.5 lbs now.

He is so much fun, learning fast, he was a breeze to train, within a few days knew he was to go outside even though it was cold (March) and has had very few accidents since. He stays, sits, understands down,no, walk play and get your ball. He loves his walks and is quite well behaved on them except when 2 rabbits run right in front of him.

We are still working on the "come" He comes 100% of the time to a shake of a small container of his dog food we use as his treats, but only about 60% of the time otherwise. We are starting puppy classes in 1 week, so I am hopeful we can get better at this with him.

I want to thank both you and Russ for coming out to the house after Cooper was with us for those few weeks. If you remember he had a biting problem when he got excited. The advice and demonstrations you showed us have been invaluable. He no longer bites, and almost never attempts to mouthe.

He has been totally healthy, was neutered at 5 months which he sailed through. He sometimes gets car sick but the vet says he will probably grow out of that poor lad. He has had his first real dog clip and looks more like a schnauzer ...so handsome.

I have attached a few pictures. Thank you again for your help with him and for breeding such a great dog. We love him to pieces.
Eva G.

Eve emailed me to ask for a reference for a potential schnoodle buyer. Absolutely was my thought!
Our Molly came to us almost two years ago as a very well socialized, curious, intelligent, friendly, afraid of nothing (vacuums/household noises, etc.) little puppy. I am convinced this doesn't just happen but is the result of careful pairings by a responsible breeder who truly takes the time to raise her puppies so they are ready for their new forever homes away from their mommas.

Molly took no time to train because we were very consistent with taking her out on a regular schedule. She slept through the night the first night (out at 11 pm, no water after 7 pm, and ready for a pee by 6 am). Within three days she had mastered the 'potty bells' hanging by the back door and would let us know when she needed to go out.

Molly is a dog that is game for anything. At 20 pounds, she is solid and is just as comfortable cuddling on the couch as she is ripping down to the dock when someone mentions 'boat ride.' She is loved by all - other animals, kids, and the elderly. I am thinking of getting her therapy dog designation and start taking her to seniors facilities for visits. My husband's students love her (he teaches welding and she goes to the shop lots with him).

Anyhow, if you are looking for a well adjusted schnoodle, please consider one of Eve's pups at K9 Kennels. She was so very patient answering my countless questions in many phone calls before we decided on Molly and eventually picked her up. I consider her a very responsible and reputable breeder and have recommended her to several people. A colleague where I work has parents who got a schnoodle from Eve after meeting Molly.

Feel free to call or email if you have questions. I would be happy to chat schnoodles. Regards, Kelly

Kelly N.

We wanted to let you know that the pup we got from you is doing very well settling into his new surroundings. His name is Buddy and he has a wonderful personality. Housetraining is coming along. He is very smart and so cute!
Thank you for giving us the perfect puppy!
Laura, Chris, Grace, Matthew, Hope, Katrina and Samantha

Hi Eve and Russ,
I know it has been way too long for Ian and I to send you an update on Charlie (one of Lady's and Rudy's Halloween pups) but better late than never!

Charlie is by far the sweetest, happiest, most loving pet ever. He has really enriched our lives and stolen our hearts. He's awesome with my very little nieces and nephews and we are currently enrolled in obedience classes (just to reinforce the good behaviors that we've tried to teach him when we first got him and of course, from Charlie's perspective, to socialize.

He loves the snow, water, bath time and even has jumped in the shower as a surprise visit on occasion. HAHA He gets hot quickly and loves to lay down on his belly wherever it's cold. He's been neutered and had no problems there, has had all his shots and even seems to like the vet since she gives him treats. He loves anyone who gives him treats.

He was fairly easy to house train and we even have him trained to "ring the bells" hanging from our doorknob with his paws when he needs to go out for a pee. He hasn't had an accident in months.

He loved to play and adores toys. We have spoiled him rotten with toys but anything that squeaks is his favorite. We are having a few issues right now with barking, and so we are working on that (any tips would be awesome). However, he knows "sit", "stay", "lay down", "fetch" "heel" and "look at me" oh yeah and "high five" "shake a paw" and "roll over". We're working on "play dead" but he can't seem to get that one.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that he's well loved and well taken care of. He goes for two walks a day, one on leash and one at the off leash park and we play in the yard all the time when we let him out. We also crate trained him and it was the best thing we could've ever done (even though it was so gut wrenchingly hard at the start and we had a week of sleepless nights). Thanks for our little Charlie. He's definitely one of the family!

I've attached a couple pictures from when we first got him. I haven't loaded any new ones on the computer yet, but when I do I'll send those too.

Take Care,
Raylene and Ian K.

Hi Eve
Sorry for not sending pictures - will do soon. Toby is absolutely fantastic and we had a nice birthday party for him. He is about 10 - 12 lbs since he had his hair cut and I don't know how tall he is - I will measure him tonight and let you know - but he is small, cuddly and friendly to people and other dogs. He does have long legs and runs like the wind. He is so well behaved in the house now - no mischief during the day while I am out. He is just our little lovebug!!!!

I should also add that contrary to what most people believe about small dogs being yappy, Toby is definitely not.
He only barks in my condo when he hears strange noises and that is not very often or when someone first comes to the door (what is exactly what he is supposed to do!).

He still sleeps and will do forever (because he loves to) in his crate (I have now purchased a big bigger one) which is right beside my bed. He is a fantastic sleeper and never wakens or makes a noise (except once when he had diarrhea) until I get up and sometimes that is late. The only time I have some whining or crying is when I go out in the car.

He loves to go and jumps happily on the seat, but then after he has his seat belt put on he starts in and I am now beginning to think (after trying everything else) that he doesn't like the idea of being in that seat belt - he is fine when he is held but the passenger and I know he would like to sit on my knee and "drive" but that is not allowed.

So anyone who wants to give one of your new "little" pups a loving home can certainly be reassured that they will not be yappy dogs - just delightful little lovebugs.

Hi Eve, it is Doug and Leighann M.
We bought a Bichon / Poodle male from you last year (born July 31 / 07) who we named Benny. You brought him to our house here in Edmonton last September. Anyway, just wanted to let you know he is the best dog in the world.

He has the best disposition, he's smart, affectionate and we just love him, although he can be a bit mischevious at times! We attached a picture we took of him today. He lost much of his Apricot colour is almost pure white now. He is a big part of our family.

Take care and happy new year!
Doug and Leighann

Hi Eve & Russ,
Sorry I haven't sent any pictures... we are enjoying Percy so very, very much. He is the most wonderful addition to our 4-legged family.

He grew very quickly!! He came home at 3.5 lbs and gained a pound a week for 7 straight weeks!! Tomorrow he'll be 5 months old and weighs 11.8 lbs and has the longest legs ever... like a mini-horse!!! He loves the snow, runs around with his face in it!!

He's been fully trained to pee on the peepad when we are not home, but still pees like a girl outside! He gets along famously with Benjamin (our other Schnoodle). He's totally healthy and now has 5 big boy teeth. All in all, he is absolutely wonderful and we couldn't love him any more... thank you to both Farley & Cocoa.

I'm sending a couple pictures, I hope they don't clog up your computer... I'll keep in touch and updated on our new little man! Seasons greetings to you both and your family and all the best in the new year. Thank you again for Percy, I'm so happy I found you on the 'web'.

Letitia, Dan, Benjamin, Franklin & Percy.

Hi Eve,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Milla. She is growing like a weed and is training really good.

I must say things are alot easier with a second dog. Alot of things Roxy seems to teach Milla or Milla mimicks Roxy!! House training is good, she goes to the door and barks and does not have very many accidents!

She just went for her third set of shots and the vet says that she is in good health. She weighs a whopping 10.7 lbs! She went to the dog park today and got to meet other dogs for the first time! We had to keep her on the leash of course but she was itching to run with Roxy! Here are a couple of pictures for you, as you will see the two of them are looking more alike every day!!

I hope all is well with you and Russ and thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs. With all the stories of bad breeders out there it makes me happy that there are people like you and Russ breeding great dogs!!!

Thanks, Jen and Jay W.

Hi Eve:
Trust all is well with you and Russ. Have been thinking of you and checking your website regularly. You have done a wonderful job of it and of course, the puppies are so beautiful.

Thought you might be interested in seeing a picture of Lexi Grace. Wing took this shot out in the park at the back of our house a couple of months ago. We are so absolutely thrilled with Lexi. She is just perfect!!!!

She is very intelligent and one of her greatest joys is fetching and even returning the ball to us. We believe that she was made especially for us. She has brought absolute joy to our home – don’t know how we ever lived without her.

Hope you enjoy the pics. Wing & Judy G.

Good morning Eve,
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Shelby. What a remarkable little pup, there is certainly no communication problems when she wants out. She'll run around in circles and bark at you until someone gets off their butt and takes her. Since your last email about giving her kennel a quick rap if she's acting up at night, we go to bed and don't hear anything until the morning (thanks for the advice).

Shelby went on her first camping trip last weekend and we thought for sure if wasn't going to be an enjoyable experience but she had a blast and slept like a log. One morning we got up and went outside and she didn't even know we were gone.

She goes for her first hair cut tomorrow, when we get home I'll take some pictures.

She's a great little pup and smart as a whip. Both Tom and I agree that raising this pup has been 99% stress free and very enjoyable.

Once again, when I figure out how to get some pics emailed to you I will.

Thanks again for the terrific pup.

Jill Moseley & Tom

Dear Eve and Russ,
Just wanted to update you on our Molly (Sweetie x Nickel schnoodle.)

She weighs a solid 18.2 pounds and stands 15.5 inches at the shoulder. She is incredibly smart, obedient, and eager to please. She does have a lot of energy but she goes for 5k walks with us daily and this has made her a very well balanced dog.

I have enclosed a picture I took the other day. We bought her Neopaws boots because the snow/ice/salt was bothering her paws. They work wonders, stay on well, and she doesn't mind them...although the first minute or so with them on, she looked like her legs belonged to someone else!
She now waits patiently while we put them on because she knows it means a walk!

Regards, Kelly N.

Puppy Training Tips

Now that you've taken that soft little bundle of furry joy home with you, the real work of dog ownership has just begun.
There IS more to it than just loving and cuddling and playing with your new pup, and if you don't start now with the training, this tiny sweet adorable pup, will become a tenacious, bad mannered, dangerous beast of a dog, that, worst case scenario, you will have to have put down at some point in the future. Yes, this can happen to you!

House training Tips
I just came across the most ingenious video on pup training!
What the folks have done, is take a wire dog crate with a partition option (usually to use when your pup is small, and take out when it gets bigger. They put the partition in so the pup has for example, 1/4 of the space, cut an opening in the wire partition thus making a little open winw, and on the larger area put a puppy pee pad. The pup sleeps on a small bed in the small space, and has access to his pee pad through the window opening. So, when kennelled during the day, in a completely enclosed kennel, it has access to its bathroom to use as needed.
This kennel has two doors, as a lot of them do now, so during the day time when the family is home, they leave one or both doors open. The pup learns to use its caged bathroom at will, and can then if desired, use it throught its life as a portable bathroom. Brilliant! Easy to clean, easy to use.. I think it's an awesome idea. It is very similar to what we start all the pups with here, only our kennel area is larger. This you can continue on at home, and is especially good for appartment dwellers!

Some tips I've put together to aid in your housetraining adventure. Best is to get a good book on the subject, and give it your best effort. Stay calm, relaxed, don't get worked up, and you will do ok.

We offer training tips and lessons, don't hesitate to give us a call. We use much the same training techniques as Cesar Millan, and we recommend your purchasing his videos or dvd's or going to the library and looking for any books he has.
He has a great website - check it out. Remember, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners/trainers. (Well, ok, there may be bad dogs out there, but 99% of the time, it is due to owners who do not take dog ownership seriously, do not bother to properly train their dogs, or do not seek professional help before the dog is totally out of control.)

For all you Calgary Alberta purchasers, we did have one of our dogs (an Australian Shepherd) sold to dog trainers at Clever Canines, and the owners of Clever Canines have subsequently taken stock dog/herding lessons from us.
We highly recommend your giving them a call and getting set up with their lessons. They were recently featured in an article in the Calgary Herald, which I have copied onto a webpage for your enjoyment - give it a read - it is a prime example of just what we tell you about training your dog.
Clever Canine Article

Early Handling - Puppies that are stimulated and handled from birth to five weeks of age are more confident, social, exploratory, faster maturing and better able to handle stress as they develop. Puppies obtained from a reputable breeder or foster home where they have had frequent contact and interaction with people are likely to be more social and less fearful as they develop.

Primary Socialization - There is a sensitive period in the development of most species when they develop social attachments with their own and other species, independent of punishment and rewards. In fact, both positive and negative events seem to accelerate socialization. The events that occur during this socialization period determines the puppy’s future social partners, as well as to what species he feels he belongs. By recognizing the critical time frame in which canine socialization develops, you can help to ensure a healthy social attachment to people and other animals, including other dogs.

The primary socialization period for dogs begins at 3 weeks of age and is diminishing by 12 weeks. Peak sensitivity is at 6 to 8 weeks. Beyond 12 weeks there is a tendency to act fearfully towards new people, animals and situations. Many young dogs will regress or become fearful again if they do not receive continued social interaction as they grow and develop. The 6-8 month period is another important time for socialization.

To help a healthy social relationship with other dogs throughout life, dogs should maintain their social contacts with their mother and littermates until 6 to 8 weeks of age. They should continue to have regular social interaction and play sessions with other dogs after he is taken into a new home. The puppy would likely do best if there was another dog in the new home, or if he had playmates in the neighborhood that he could interact with on a daily basis.

What is the best age to obtain my new puppy? Since it is so important for the puppy to develop and maintain social attachments to their own kind, puppies ideally will remain with their mother and littermates until about 7 weeks of age. Then when placed in the new home they can expand their social contacts to new people and species while still in their primary socialization period. By this time puppies will begin to develop preferences for elimination sites, so that this timing can also be helpful for housetraining.

What can I do to assist my puppy in its social development?

There should be little problem with a puppy that is less than 12 weeks of age developing healthy and lasting attachments to the people, sights and sounds in his new home. Your puppy is most likely to become fearful of stimuli that are not found in his day-to-day routine. Make a conscious effort to identify those people and situations that the puppy is not regularly exposed to. For example, if there are no children in the home, you might arrange regular play sessions with children. If you live in the country, make a few trips into the city, so that the puppy can be taken for walks on city streets, or through neighborhood plazas. Conversely, a puppy that grows up in the city might become fearful or aggressive toward farm animals that he was not exposed to during his early development.

Introduce your puppy to as many new people and situations as possible, beginning in its first three months of development. People in uniforms, babies, toddlers, the elderly, the physically challenged are just a few examples that might lead to fear and anxiety, unless there is sufficient early exposure. Similarly, car rides, elevators, stairs, or the noises of cars, trains, airplanes, or hot air balloons are some examples of events and experiences to which the puppy might be usefully exposed.

If your puppy seems to panic, back off a little and try again later, rather than aggravating the fear. Never reassure the fearful dog as this might serve to reward the fearful behavior.

Is it healthy to take my puppy out in public at such a young age?

Vaccinations    There is always a concern about the risks of taking the puppy out of his home before he is fully vaccinated because he may be exposed to infection before the vaccines have had time to become protective. If you take precautions, taking your new puppy out in public will be fine - just use caution when going to places that frequent other dogs as their immune system is not yet ready to combat possible viruses.

One solution is to have people and healthy vaccinated animals visit the puppy in his own home, until he is sufficiently vaccinated.

Housetraining    Some Houstraining Tips.
Here are a few tips I have compiled for you - get yourself a good book on housetraining methods, and study it! If you have the right mindset, housetraining can be easily accomplished in a few weeks.

The Crucial Months of Puppyhood
All Buyers Please Read!

This page is an excerpt from the book 'A Member of the Family' by Cesar Millan We strongly recommend your purchasing his books and DVD's, and watching his TV show on the National Geographic channel - The Dog Whisperer.

Buying a puppy is the easy part - taking it home to train, is for some people, hugely problamatic and frustrating. If you are someone who rattles easily, who is easily frustrated, who cannot deal with the imperfections of a new puppy - the occasional pee or poop on the floor, whining at night or during the day. If you cannot deal with these types of things, then please reconsider getting a puppy. These are all things that will happen, and it's how you deal with it that will make all the difference. Pups are trainable - if they weren't, no one would have an inside dog.
Please do your homework and be honest with yourself. The thought of a well trained little dog who will be good as gold, who follows you on walks, who sits calmly by your side, who you can snuggle with on the couch at night, who you can tell your troubles to... and the reality of training your dog to be that dog in six months, are quite different. Training takes patience, love, determination, and... you must relax! Your pup won't be the dog you are hoping for, for probably 6 months.

Again, though we do take back pups when things don't work out, NO money will be refunded.


Allergies    Information for those of you who have allergies.

Feeding your dog

We always get asked - "is it ok to give my new puppy treats?"   Pay attention now - NO!
A 7 week old pup, is a baby and just like a human baby, they do not need treats.
Their little tummies just get so upset when you introduce new foods, treats etc. to them and you end up with a very unhappy pup with diarrhea and even throwing up.

So, please, you are not doing your pup any favors by giving them a 'puppy treat' to chew on. Pups are considered 'Pups' until they are 6 - 8 months of age, so something that says it is for puppies, is not for the 7 week old you just brought home.

That being said - something good for your dog to chew on, as we know all pups need to chew, is get a raw beef bone - take off all of the meat so it is just bone, and let your pup chew on that. Do not cook the bone. You can ask a butcher for some beef rib bones cut to about 4" pieces, or purchase soup bones and strip off all the meat.

Dog Food    As of January 2009 we are making our own raw dog food for all of our adult dogs.
Ingredients are (75 percent) Alberta Beef supplimented with (25 percent) Carrots, Cooked Rice, Apples, Oranges, Kelp, Alfalfa, Eggs and Cod Liver Oil.
This will give us complete control over what goes into our dogs and we feel they will be a lot healthier for it!

I do still feed my pups a high quality puppy kibble just to make one hundred percent sure that they are getting everything they need for a well balanced diet and it makes the transition to your home much easier.

If feeding kibble, please look for a brand that does not have corn or corn bi-products. Read the ingredients on the bag - you'd be surprised at how many so called top of the line dog foods have this filler. It is a major cause of allergies in dogs - skin problems and ear problems. I recently discovered Walmart sells a product called Actr1um Holistic puppy food. An Excellent list of ingredients, very similar to what we were feeding with the Costco brand (Kirkland Signature), but available in small bags. Note - not all Actr1um products are without corn, just the holistic brand. Some others are Acana, and Eagle Pack.
One of our buyers is a distributor for 'Wellness' dog food. They have an excellent puppy chow which is a Holistic natural dog food.
Ingredients start with (and we all know that the first ingredients on any food, are what is the most in the food) Anchovy and Sardube meal, Grond Brown Rice, Ground White Rice, Chicken Fat, Chicken Meal, Pork Meal, Oatmeal, Dried Beet Pulp, Flaxseed etc.
Excellent dog food. I do not know the price, but it is sold in Petsmart, Global Pet Foods, PJ's Pets and many other pet stores.

Cute Puppy Things

You don't have to spend a ton of money on purchasing things for your dog.
Of course, IF that is what you want to do, and you have the money to do so, then hey, go crazy.
Myself, with so many dogs, so many pups, and a love to pamper and spoil them, I just can't afford those pet store prices.
I go to second hand stores - Value Village, Salvation Army, and head straight to their baby department. There I find the cutest little blankets and towels, baby approved toys etc. all at a fraction of the cost of pet blankets and toys. If a toy is good for a human infant, it will be good for a pup. No little things to pull or bite off and choke on.
Think of it as recycling - you are helping to save the planet.

Also look for child gates, play pens, and used doggie items.

Be very careful in washing/bleaching everything you bring home for your dog though, especially if it is a dog specific item. That other dog might have been sick.

There are also many stores - dollar stores or liquidation stores, that have great pet supplies at a fraction of the cost - check them out!
You probably already know that I love Costco - well their prices on pet beds and blankets can't be beat. I just wish they had a larger line of pet related products - kennels, crates, X-Pens etc. Usualy in the spring they do bring in large chain link outside dog pens. With those, you must compare the quality of the chain link and poles used. All are NOT created equal. Some of the cheaper ones tend to come apart, the poles can bend and they need re-adjusting a few times a year to keep them tight. Also, those $200.00 ones are not good for larger dogs - Border Collies etc. though they usually have a nice picture of a mid sized dog looking happily through the fencing. They can distroy them quite quickly. The $600. pen you purchase with the heavy gauge fencing will last years longer.
Be careful in high wind areas, for adding a tarp roof to keep out the sun - they can catch the wind, and completely destroy your kennel. (we've seen the results of this)

WallMart also has an excellent pet department - well most of them. Not all have the same things. They have great prices on dog travel kennels, and lovely paw print dog blankets and towels.

Picking Up Your Pup

Ok, so you've purchased your new pup, and it's time to come and pick it up.

You should by now have purchased a travel kennel for your dog. Buy one that he or she will grow into, so not one of the teeny tiny ones, even though your pup is very little. What we suggest, is you have a couple of toss pillows that you can fill 3/4 of the kennel with, so that your pup will not soil in the large space. As your pup grows, remove the pillows.

Bring along your kennel, have a couple of old towels in case he or she throws up and bring your leash.
In case it is a long drive you might need or want to make a pit stop.
Never let your little pup out in a parking lot or anywhere's without being on a leash.
Not until it is old enough for you to train it to come to it's name - Every Time.
Plus, such a little thing looks like a meal to a larger dog. You can't be quick enough, and the leash will be a life saver.

Please, watch out for puddles in parking lots or driveways - you never know when a vehicle is leaking antifreeze. That is a killer, and at home - please do not leave AntiFreeze out, clean up all spills immediately - the taste is sweet and dogs and cats will lick it. It is a killer!

Proceedure if you have a health concern with your puppy.

From time to time a pup can and will develop a health issue, or what you think might be a health issue, no mater how vigilant we are at keeping them at their best.

If this happens, CALL US. We do care about all of the pups we sell, and if they are having some sort of problem we'd like to know about it!

All of our pups have been checked by a Veterinarian at 6 - 7 weeks of age and were deemed healthy at that time. If there was an issue, it would be noted on their health certificates.
We will assess the situation, consult with our Vet about it, and along with you decide on the best course of action to take.

IMPORTANT: Please understand that we will NOT help cover Vet costs you incur on your own without consulting us.
If your pup ever has a health issue, get a quote from your Vet as to what it will cost, and then give us a call. We will consult with our Vets - we have two very capable Veterinarians, and decide on what the best course of action would be for your dog as well as get you another quote.

Unfortunately, there are some Veterinarian Clinics that charge exorbitant fees for procedures, along with doing unnecessary procedures - all of which will cost you a fortune.

Whatever the situation, please keep us informed, and give our names to your Vet so that we can speak with them personally.

We need to know first hand what the situation is, and what treatment is being suggested. We know our pups, how they were raised and cared for up until the day you took yours home. That information will help your Vet make an educated decision on how to help your pup. If it is deemed a pre-existing condition by both your Vet and ours, we will help with the Vet costs.

All Veterinarians have different fee rates. Country Vets do not have the overhead that city Vets have.
We will not pay or help pay for excessive and unnecessary Veterinary services and exorbitant office fees if you choose to do them against our recommendation.

Puppy Dry Flaky Skin

Some puppies seem to have more dandruff or dry, flaky skin than would be expected. This is quite normal in puppies and is especially noted in those with dark coat colors. This is simply because the dander becomes quite visible against the dark hair. In most puppies, especially those less than four months of age, the normal lubricating glands (sebaceous glands) of the skin tend to be underactive.

As these glands mature, their lubrication output increases to match the needs of the coat. Factors such as dry air (low humidity) will also contribute to dander production. Dander is dry, dead skin that in the absence of moisture will flake away and be visible as white flakes. This 'flaking' may also be itchy. What are the symptoms?

The only symptoms are the white skin flakes most pronounced about the neck, back, and rump areas. The flaking process may create a mild itching much like humans experience from dry, flaky skin.

What are the risks?

There are no real risks other than hair loss. This, however, is rare. Severe flakiness or hair loss should not be considered normal dandruff production and an examination of the skin should be done.

What is the management?

Fatty acid supplements such as Drs. Foster & Smith Vitacaps or Vitacoat work well at supplying needed oils for the hair coat. DermaBenSs soapless shampoo with moisturizers, Oatmeal shampoos followed by a moisturizing rinse will help keep the oils in, cleanse the skin, and remove the dander.
If these methods do not work and the dry skin persists after a few weeks, and the puppy is scratching uncontrollably all the time then there may be another cause for this problem. Cheyletiella or a Staphylococcal infection could be the cause - more so than Scabies (uncommon in Alberta) or Lice, which are visible to the naked eye, so if you look closely at the problem areas you will see lice moving on your dog. A Proper diagnostic work up from your Vet is in order.

I am more of a holistic remedy person - I don't beleive in pushing a lot of unnecessary medication on puppies.
If your pup is in distress - lethargic, not eating or drinking - Get it to your Vet immediately!
If your pup is doing well otherwise, if there is a problem, look at what he is eating. Did he get into something when you weren't looking? Did he fill up on grass or plants in the yard, or chew the bark chips in your garden? Did YOU feed him a puppy treat that everyone said is perfectly fine for pups? What is in the new food you are giving him - even if it IS from your trusted Veterinarian?

Preventative medicine is the best medicine. Watch your pup closely, monitor his eating and drinking habits so you will know when he is off his food. Keep a chart of it if it will help or mark it on the calendar. eg: day 1, he ate a 1/4 cup of food in the morning - check. 1/4 cup of food in the evening - check. If there is food left over, mark it down. Just like a newborn baby, you want to monitor it's bodily functions and schedule. It will provide you with an up to date record if there ever is a problem, and will help you learn when he needs to relieve himself after he eats - mark that down too!

Above all else, we are here to help. Keep us informed. You are not alone in the raising, training and well being of your puppy!

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Dog Training:
Clever Canines
Unique, Outdoor, Real Life Dog Training!

Dog Food:
For Urban dogs and their companions. Tired of what you are finding in the grocery stores and pet stores? Try Unleashed!

Whether we know it or not, God Blesses each and every one of us with many things throughout our lives.
Dogs are one of them. Both Russ and I have been extremely Blessed by God, in the life we have here, in the love and joy we receive from our dogs and in discovering the love of Christ in our lives.
May God Bless each of you, every day of your life, and may you be a Blessing to others. 'Pay it forward'.